We need to make Arvada a place where free market competition thrives. That means transparency and less executive sessions and hidden agendas during city meetings and the like. We need to prosecute graft and corruption vigorously. Also, we need to encourage new business with startup clinics, maker spaces, and support those organizations that support business. This way, we will keep taxes down, revenues up, more for everyone.


We expect to add 1 million new citizens to Metro Denver’s 4.5 million population in the next 25 years. We need to promote driverless cars as they will save lives and develop better traffic flow. But we also need to encourage companies to offer work-at-home options, so they don’t need to get in their car every day. Spreading out start and end times could help space traffic times out more. Jefferson Parkway needs reimagined – new route, on and off ramps, and no plutonium!


How do we help the homeless? Some homeless people have made this a lifestyle choice, but regardless of the rea-son, they need help and we need to take this problem seriously. The solution, I feel, is to work with the civic, community, and church organizations that are helping the homeless now and support, I mean really support their efforts. Their efforts are going to help with mental health issues, clean clothes, food, and jobs. We have to stop ignoring these issues now!

Affordable Housing

Promote developer incentives for housing projects that are smaller, more compact with better utilization of space. Zone sections of land that are specifically for affordable housing. Use the Arvada Comprehensive Plan to desig-nate areas that have higher density and lower administrative costs.


Single hauler trash creates a city-wide monopoly. Typically most monopolies create higher prices and fewer choices for the consumer. Your trash company should be your choice, not the government’s. We need to focus on more biodegradable trash and more recycling and encourage the use of Clean Burn technology. We should work to eliminate the problem rather than leave it for future generations to deal with.

Criminal Justice

If it’s not a mental illness issue, we should employ rehab programs for non-violent repeat offenders. For violent or destructive habitual offenders, they should receive rehabilitation in prison rather than just incarceration. Focus on the solution rather than just hide the problem. Better non-lethal options are needed.

Volunteer Support

Let’s support our civic, community, and church organizations. They not only help make Arvada a better place to live, but most times, they do it for free. They are helping with our homeless population, they promote our busi-nesses, and they sponsor our sports and cultural projects. They really do it all. That’s why I feel the slogan “Thanks for all you do” speaks to everyone who volunteers their time and effort in order to make Arvada great. They need our support and we need to help them by recognizing their efforts.

Arvadans are honest, caring people who not only want to make their lives better, but care enough to want to help others. I have been in community service most of my life here in Arvada and I want to continue to support this tradition that Arvadans hold most dear.
I would greatly appreciate your vote this fall.
Thanks for all you do!
My family

My family in the Arvada Harvest Festival parade. I’m the tall one.